Referential Weaving Painting 


I create paintings through weaving method in reference to Korean and Western modern abstract paintings.

I intend to revisit the era of Korean abstract art in 1960-70s and examine how the Western style, which was introduced without historical context, was defined in Korea, and discover the conditions to update the current issues.

Now, as we experience the past as vivid as the present and flattened space and time due to the effects of various media including smart devices, is the time to rearrange the past with time and experience that are entwined due to rapid modernization.

Weaving is the kind of method that has set time sequence that is incapable of rapid growth.  I chose it as the method to realize the topic, in the sense that it won’t proceed to the next step without going through the time and process. Using my own hands to weave the canvas, I dye the weft and warp threads, build patterns by inserting colored threads, or paint on the complete canvas in reference to the icon in abstract painting.  

I would like to examine what was defined too soon in the past and what the abstract paintings that are meaningful now are by incarnating the image of handicraft labor, the loom, that can’t skip over time.




2010 M.F.A. Painting & Drawing, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA

2002 M.F.A. College of Industrial Art, Hongik University, Industrial Craft, Seoul, Korea

1999 B.F.A. Fiber Art, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea


Selected Solo Exhibitions 

2018 +Ebony+Ivory+, Onground Onground2, Korea 

2017 Hairy Fairy Stain, Gallery Royal, Korea

2017 Seundja Helen, Sophis Gallery, Korea

2017 Monochrome Swatch, 63Art, Korea  

2016 Brewed Surface, Youngean Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2014 Agnes and Seunghwans, Salon de H, Seoul, Korea

2012 Between and Beyond, Gallery Dos, Seoul, Korea

2011 Be still and Know, Kepco Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibition


Art Central 2019 PROJECTS, Hongkong

Still Life Painting, Audio Visual Pavilion, Korea

Ever Changing, One Four, Korea

New Acquisitions, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea


Flatland, Kumho Museum of Art, Korea 

with weft with warp, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea 

Remixing Ground : Deconstructing Damage, La Chapelle de Clairefontaine, France

Korean’s Spirit, Artvera’s Gallery, Geneva

How many steps, PS333, Korea

Flexible Space, Sehwa Museum of Art, Korea

TasteView, House Taste, Korea

Painter's Touch, Gana Art Busan, Korea

SeMA New Acquisition; Heaven, Earth & Man, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea 


Korean’s Spirit, Artvera’s Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

JCC Frontier Art Award, JCC Museum of Art, Korea

Rethinking Craft, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Craft Climax, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea

Future with Arts, Daegu Art Factory, Korea

From Flatness, 021Gallery, Korea

Meditation & Material, Atelier aki, Korea


Art Around, Space CAN, Korea  

Shall We, Seongnam Arts Center, Korea


Crossing Plane: Unit, Layer, Nostalgia, Illmin Museum of Art, Korea

Do Dream Museum Opening Exhibition, Korea

Soma Drawing: Mindful Mindless, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Korea

Beauty and Happiness, Cheong-ju International Craft Biennale, Korea

Art Road 77, Heyri, Korea

Guild of Artistic, Gallery Yeh, Korea


Lesson for Mundi Vita, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Collaboration, Youngean Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Degree 0, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Korea

Whispering of Layers, Gallery Absinthe, Korea

New Hero, Blue Square Nemo, Korea


The Breath of Fresh, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea

Korea Tomorrow, Seoul Art Center, Korea

Digital ARTEXMODA, Art Museum KNU, Deagu, Korea

Over the Surface, Gallery Seensee, Seoul, Korea

Spirit of Materiality, Yoojung Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Studio 1/36, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Debudo, Korea 


Breath of the City, Dejeon Museum of Art, Dejeon,Korea

123Project, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Debudo, Korea


The border of Materials, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, Korea


How we connect, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, USA

Midnite Snacks, 1366 Space, Chicago, USA


Artist Residencies

2018 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Artist in Residency, Connecticut, USA  

2017 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Korea

2014 Gyeonggi Creation Center, Gyeonggi Do, Korea

2011 Nanji Art Studio, Seoul, Korea

2009 Women's Studio Workshop, NewYork, US


Public Talks and Lectures

16 May 2018 Artist Talk, Resilience and Reconciliation, Yale Material Culture Teach-In 2018, Yale University

30 May 2018 Artist Talk, with weft with warp, Seoul Museum of Art

7 July  2018 Artist Talk, Flatland, Kumho Museum of Art

12 Dec 2015 Artist Talk, Ilmin Museum of Art



2018 international residency  Grant, Arts Council Korea

2018 Art Support Program Grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea

2017 JCC Frontier Art Award Second Prize, Korea

2016 Grant for New Work, Naver Cultural Foundation, Korea   

2014 Art Support Program Grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea

2013 Grant for New Work, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea

2013 Selected Artist, Public Art Magazine, Korea 

2012 Grant for Solo Exhibition, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea

2001 JoongAng Fine Art Competition, Awarded the prize



2019 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2018 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea

2018 Yangpyeong Art Museum, Korea 

2017 Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

2017 JCC Museum of Art, Korea

2016 Youngean Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2018, 2015 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Korea

Seongnam Cultural Foundation, Korea  


2010 시카고 예술대학 회화과 석사 졸업

2002 홍익대학교 산업공예 석사 졸업

1999 홍익대학교 섬유미술과 학사 졸업  



2018 +Ebony+Ivory+, 온그라운드, 서울

2017 Hairy Fairy Stain, 갤러리 로얄, 서울

2017 성자헬렌 Seundja Helen, 소피스 갤러리, 서울

2017 모노크롬 스와치 Monochrome Swatch, 63아트 미술관, 서울

2016 우려낸 표면 Brewed Surface, 영은 미술관, 경기도 광주

2014 아그네스와 승환스 Agnes and Seunghwans, 살롱 드 H, 서울

2012 Between and Beyond, 갤러리 도스, 서울

2011 Be Still, and know, 한전아트센터, 서울



2019 Art Central 2019 PROJECTS, 홍콩

2019 정물화전, 시청각, 서울

2019 Ever Changing, One Four, 서울

2019 국립현대 미술관 신소장품전, 과천

2018 플랫랜드, 금호미술관, 서울 

2018 씨실과 날실로, 서울시립미술관, 서울

2018 Remixing Ground : Deconstructing Damage, 라샤펠, 프랑스

2018 Korean’s Spirit, Artvera’s Gallery, 제네바, 스위스  

2018 How Many Steps, PS333, 서울  

2018 유연한 공간, 세화미술관, 서울

2018 취미관 Taste View 趣味官, 취미가, 서울

2018 회화의 질감, 가나아트 부산, 가나아트

2018 SeMA신소장품 <하늘 땅 사람들>, 서울시립미술관, 서울

2017 Korean’s Spirit, Artvera’s Gallery, 제네바, 스위스

2017 JCC 프론티어 미술상 수상전, JCC 미술관, 서울

2017 공예의 자리, 서울시립 남서울 미술관, 서울

2017 크래프트 클라이맥스, 경기도 미술관, 안산

2017 제작의 미래, 대구예술발전소, 대구

2017 Meditation & Material, 아뜰리에 아키, 서울

2017 From Flatness, 021Gallery, 대구

2017 YMCA+YWCA, 갤러리 이마주, 서울

2017 And more textile works, 갤러리이앙, 서울

2017 조형-쓰임, 부산대학교 갤러리, 부산

2016 Art Around, Space CAN, 서울

2016 Shall We, 성남아트센터, 성남

2015 평면탐구: 유닛, 레이어, 노스텔지어, 일민 미술관, 서울

2015 소마 드로잉_무심, 소마 미술관, 서울

2015 청주국제 공예 비엔날레 알랭드보통 특별전, 청주 옛 연초 제조창, 청주

2015 두드림 작은 미술관 개관 전, 두드림 패션센터, 동두천

2015 Guild of Artistic, Gallery YEH, 서울

2015 Art Road 77, 헤이리, 파주

2014 생명수업, 서울시립미술관, 서울

2014 협업의 묘미, 영은 미술관, 경기도 광주

2014 결의 언어, 갤러리 압생트, 서울

2014 공간을 점령하라, 아트스페이스 정미소, 서울

2014 다시 0 도, 경기 창작센터, 안산

2014 뉴 히어로, 블루 스퀘어, 서울

2013 생생화화, 경기도 미술관, 안산

2013 Korea Tomorrow, 예술의 전당, 서울

2013 Digital Artex Moda, 경북대 미술관, 대구

2013 Over the Surface, Gallery seensee, 서울

2013 물성의 영혼, 유중 갤러리, 서울

2013 작업실 1/36, 경기창작센터, 안산

2013 It’s Now, 갤러리 이앙, 서울

2012 큰 언덕 섬으로의 초대<123 project>, 대부도 일대, 경기창작센터, 안산

2012 도시의 숨, <대흥동 블루스>, 대전시립미술관 열린 미술관, 대전

2011 물질의 경계, 서울시립미술관 난지 갤러리, 서울, 한국

2010 How we connect, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, USA

2010 Midnite Snacks 1366 Space, Chicago, USA



2018 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Artist in Residency, Connecticut, USA

2017 금천예술공장, 한국

2014 경기 창작센터, 한국

2011 난지 미술창작스튜디오, 한국

2009 Women's Studio Workshop, New York, USA



2018 서울 문화재단 시각예술 창작 지원, 서울문화재단

2018 해외레지던시 참가 지원, 한국문화예술위원회

2017 JCC 프론티어 미술대상 우수상, 재능문화재단

2016 Art Around 신작 창작 지원, 네이버 문화재단

2014 서울 문화재단 시각예술 창작 지원, 서울문화재단 

2013 제7회 퍼블릭 아트 선정작가, 월간 퍼블릭 아트 

2013 경기 문화재단 신작 지원, 경기문화재

2012 서울 문화재단 시각예술 지원, 서울문화재단

2001 중앙미술대전, 중앙일보



국립현대미술관, 국립현대미술관 정부미술은행, 서울시립미술관, 경기도미술관, 성남 문화재단,

JCC미술관, JW메리어트, 양평군립미술관, 영은 미술관